"Punch and Judy" Shows

Mr. Punch




 P.C. Policeman

 Ken Dalston's captivating "Punch and Judy" Shows can be performed in a "Traditional" or "Kid-Glove"   Puppet version in a fashionable way, with the  usual  "slap-stick"  and  "audience  participation", but  avoiding  any unnecessary violence. 

 "Punch and Judy"  caters for all ages from 3 years old to 93 years young!

      Each performance can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.

 A special "Christmas" show is available.







             Punch and Judy  booth on trailer stage outdoors.









                                                The Daring Devil



The Crocodile


         "Alternative Punch and Judy Shows."


These have been provided  for Corporate  events  with  script  adapted  for  an  appropriate  management  theme.

A "Management Message" can be "punctuated with puppets" and can make an effective and memorable conference point! 




The Stage Hands


"Mr Punch's Christmas Show"

45 Minutes of fun and laughter with "Punch and Judy" involving Santa Claus, a Snowman and other Christmas Festivities!






The Skinny Skeleton

Joey the Jovial Clown

The Dedicated Doctor

Marmaduke the Baby

The Wicked Witch


                                        The Silly Ass

The Mischievous Mice